US Carbon Emissions Lowest since 1994


America’s carbon dioxide emissions last year fell to their lowest levels since 1994, according to a new report. Carbon dioxide emissions fell by 13% in the past five years, because of new energy-saving technologies and a doubling in the take-up of renewable energy. The reduction in climate pollution brings America more than halfway towards Barack […]

Romney: Fossilized Ideas in a Climate of Change

No Apology

Mass appeal wins votes, not the truth. Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, professed a surprisingly different set of core values compared with those of the Romney who would be President. As governor, Romney aggressively supported the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and championed renewable energy. He also worked to close aging coal-fire power plants, and readily […]

China, Renewable Energy, and Their Case for Environmental Funding

Coal-fired power station

 China is really big. We know, we’ve seen the pictures. At more than 1.3 billion inhabitants and counting, the People’s Republic of China represents almost 1/5th of Earth’s total population. China’s population and advanced industries continue to grow at an alarming rate, creating a unique set of environmental issues. Their national landscape reveals challenges endemic […]

California Cap and Trade: Conservation, Controversy, and Big Money

AB1532, GHG emissions

Eureka, a controversial bill whose heart is in the right place California’s lawmakers approved Assembly Bill 1532 on May 29th, known as the Cap and Trade program. The bill imposes strict emissions limits on refineries and power plants that release huge volumes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Regulatory mandates, along with economic incentives, form […]

Which Way Will Gas Prices Flow in The Near Future?

oil prices, price drops, global glut, $3.00 gas recently took a hard look at America’s latest trend for gas prices. Crude oil has dropped by another $20 bucks per barrel, lowering our price per gallon by 30 to 40 cents. Avery Ash of AAA believes that last month’s $20 price drop for crude may lead to a 50 cent price fall per […]