David Steel

CEO David Steel

As the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Green Chamber, David Steel’s uncompromising commitment to the environment has helped skyrocket the formally locally-based Green Chamber of San Diego into a nation-wide organization.

With vast experience in the green arena, David understands the importance of providing the community with the resources and networking opportunities of like-minded individuals and businesses.

“I’ve been moved for many years by the state of our planet and have been committed to creating an organization that can make sustainable business practices practical, beneficial, and easily accessible under the Green Chamber,” explained David. “Already, I’ve seen immense success and growth in these areas, extending from our eco-hub, home base in San Diego to cities across the country.”

David also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of SmarterLight an earth-friendly LED lighting company that helps individuals and corporations easily replace their current lighting with top of the line, next phase, environmentally gentle LED lighting solutions. He is also a founding board member and CFO of Conscious Humanity, a 501©3 committed to spreading peace and personal empowerment to all people. Previously David served on the board of directors for the San Diego Entrepreneurs Organization.

David’s passion and experience in these fields has helped the U.S. Green Chamber reach a number of ambitious goals as he continues to expand the organization’s reach.

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