Why a “Green” Chamber of Commerce?

At the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to facilitate and support sustainable business practices that spur innovation, job creation, energy efficiency and an overall brighter economic future.

U.S. Green Chamber MissionOur employees, customers, supply chain partners, investors, insurers, and the media are pushing for eco-friendly changes. All of these forces are converging to make sustainable practices increasingly important to the way businesses think, act, and compete.

In addition, government legislation and regulation is requiring businesses to take action. Failing to embrace sustainability presents growing risks of every variety.  However, implementing green practices seems daunting to many organizations.

That’s where the U.S. Green Chamber comes in. We invite you to join us and let the Chamber assist your business in harnessing the potential of sustainability.


Our Mission

To empower businesses and communities to grow through achieving the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social sustainability.

To improve operational efficiencies, implement environmentally sustainable practices, and tap into unexplored markets and opportunities in both  established and emerging companies.

As the leading organization advancing the economic, environmental, and social success of American businesses, we believe that fostering a healthy environment is the key to growing a vibrant and successful economy.

Our Strategy

The U.S. Green Chamber pursues successful business development through three key initiatives: Networking, Education, and Advocacy:


The U.S. Green Chamber provides an arena for businesses, investors, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to connect under a rapidly growing network. Building relationships between these like-minded, eco-conscious members boosts local and national exposure, business-to-business opportunities, and profitability. Our membership directory provides a resource center for anyone looking for specific green services that would otherwise be much more difficult to find. Members are also given a variety of opportunities to boost exposure through sponsorships of events, advertising opportunities in newsletters and publications, and more.


In addition to providing a network of all your green service needs, the U.S. Green Chamber provides valuable tools that will help improve sustainability within your company or organization. We strive to keep you updated on the most crucial environmental-related issues happening both locally and nationally, filter out and distinguish green-washing from true sustainability, and work to build a powerful level of awareness between a variety of green industries and consumers.


In order to most effectively serve the green business community, advocating for our members’ best interests is an integral part of the U.S. Green Chamber’s mission. We lobby on the issues and policies that affect these industries the most, while most companies are lacking the time or resources to do so themselves. With overwhelming success of the organization’s growth and influence, the U.S. Green Chamber continues to champion the biggest concerning issues on the table today. Members under the U.S. Green Chamber are helping us spearhead a green revolution, so that they, in turn, can continue to specialize and succeed in their field.