About Us

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of hundreds of thousands of small, midsized and large American businesses and global corporations who like you understand that…

U.S. Green Chamber MissionBusiness success and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side

Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.

 Individually, hundreds of thousands of forward-thinking business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders know that business offers the best solution to a healthier planet, more fulfilled lives, and a thriving economy in the U.S. and around the world. We share the courage and integrity to change long-held perceptions of good corporate citizenship, and represent the best possible future of business in America and globally.  The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce connects your voice with thousands of others into a unified message for our government leaders and society that Your Business Cares about your profits AND ecology, about your business growth AND sustainability, and about your people as much as your markets.

As advancing technologies provide greater solutions to energy, environmental and other issues, it is these forward-looking businesses like yours that will continue to lead the way in creating new jobs and new economies, leaving behind outdated, self-limiting and unsustainable business practices that, as history has proven repeatedly, ultimately fail.  It will be your business and thousands of other like-minded companies that will carry us into the future as a strong nation with unlimited potential, prepared to lead the world in sustainable, profitable growth and prosperity.

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is your resource, where you can meet with other leading American business owners to dialogue online and offline, create new relationships, and build a more sustainable and competitive business, and expand your markets nationally and globally.  Here you will receive cutting-edge training and advanced business insights, meet and mingle with internationally-recognized thought leaders, and have your voice taken to the highest offices of governments.  Here also, like-minded consumers will seek you out and reward your commitment to excellence and sustainability, by choosing to do commerce with you over other less conscious or caring companies.

Together, through the efforts of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, you along with thousands of other forward-thinking business people and engaged consumers will awaken other business enterprises and our government leaders to the power that only a sustainable business and economy can enjoy:  The “Triple Bottom Line” of Profitable Financials, Prosperous People, and a Healthy Planet.


Our Mission

To Promote and Protect America’s Emerging Economy

Our Strategy

The U.S. Green Chamber pursues successful business development through three key initiatives: Networking, Education, and Advocacy:


The U.S. Green Chamber provides an arena for businesses, investors, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to connect under a rapidly growing network. Building relationships between these like-minded, eco-conscious members boosts local and national exposure, business-to-business opportunities, and profitability. Our membership directory provides a resource center for anyone looking for specific green services that would otherwise be much more difficult to find. Members are also given a variety of opportunities to boost exposure through sponsorships of events, advertising opportunities in newsletters and publications, and more.


In addition to providing a network of all your green service needs, the U.S. Green Chamber provides valuable tools that will help improve sustainability within your company or organization. We strive to keep you updated on the most crucial environmental-related issues happening both locally and nationally, filter out and distinguish green-washing from true sustainability, and work to build a powerful level of awareness between a variety of green industries and consumers.


In order to most effectively serve the green business community, advocating for our members’ best interests is an integral part of the U.S. Green Chamber’s mission. We lobby on the issues and policies that affect these industries the most, while most companies are lacking the time or resources to do so themselves. With overwhelming success of the organization’s growth and influence, the U.S. Green Chamber continues to champion the biggest concerning issues on the table today. Members under the U.S. Green Chamber are helping us spearhead a green revolution, so that they, in turn, can continue to specialize and succeed in their field.



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