Mo Chapter Welcomes a New Board Member: Wayne Angle!


Welcome New Board Member: Wayne Angle!


Wayne Angle (below) has joined the US Green Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Chapter Board of Directors.

A mid-Missouri resident forAngle over 30 years employed by Sinclair BioResources, Wayne has worked with multiple industries to implement better, more efficient, and greener business practices.

For electrical industry contractor Hubbell Power systems, Wayne advised and worked on a project to install guard rails in high traffic areas.  He also helped institute paper recycling and educate on the dangers of plastics.

One of his current business passions is bringing natural, allergen-free, locally-grown food to the food truck business.

Wayne’s love for Missouri stems in part from his lifelong love of the outdoors. He is passionate about conservation, and would like as much natural land to be preserved as possible so his children and grandchildren may enjoy it. His outdoor hobbies include disc golf, hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting, especially with his children.

“Thanks everyone, for bringing me on board and for the vote of confidence!” Wayne said, after a unanimous board vote approving his membership. “I’m looking forward to doing some good things.”

One of those good things is a fundraiser — a Green Chamber-sponsored disc golf tournament — a first of its kind in Columbia — Wayne is working to scheduleJuly 16 at Oakland Park. Now in around 40 countries, with US involvement doubling over the last decade, disc golf is played with a disc similar to a Frisbee, with the goal of landing the disc into a target.

While Angle’s tournament is for everyone, disc golf has its own professional association — a PGA-type organization known as the PDGA — Professional Disc Golf Association.

Put Denver football and Cardinal baseball near the top of Wayne’s outdoor passions, too!

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