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_bins-newlabels-w-handsTake 3 seconds to fix recycling! U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) is taking Action to “Recycle Right” with Recycle Across America’s Mayors Petition: We are thrilled to announce we have collectively reached 25,000 signatures, but still need 5,000 more to reach our goal of 30,000!

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USGCC , along with our chapters,  are  taking the lead for Chambers of Commerce on recycling in America. USGCC has joined the effort to engage businesses to stand alongside our partner, Recycle Across America, in their recycling initiative.

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U.S. recycling is in the middle of a crisis. One of the biggest recycling haulers in the U.S. has had to shut down 25% of their recycling plants due to millions of tons of garbage being discarded into recycling bins each day.

Garbage is being placed into recycling bins because people are unsure whether their items are recyclable or not; the thousands of different labels are to blame. With no clear instruction to show that an item is recyclable has caused Americans to become confused, apathetic, and skeptical about recycling.

There is a simple solution: standardized labels. This simple fix has been proven to improve recycling by 50-100%. The standardized labels also dramatically decrease the amount of garbage contamination U.S. recycling plants currently face; by decreasing the amount of garbage thrown into the wrong container, it makes recycling a more financially viable option.

Help us by taking part in this world changing initiative. The petition takes just a few moments to sign.

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Bins-vert-label-mxd-comp-laThe standardized labels have received accolades from global organization for identifying leaders and entrepreneurs, Ashoka, and by the New York Times. Ashoka deemed the initiative as “world changing” while the N.Y. Times has called it “one of the top environmental fixes taking root today”.

Our partner, Recycle Across America, has begun their “Ask Your Mayor to Join the National Solution That Helps People Recycle Right!” petition in hopes of getting enough signatures to get mayors across America to support our recycling initiative. Our goal is to reach 30,000 signatures, we are over 80% there.

Please join the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and Recycle Across America in our endeavor to fix recycling in America.

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