Green Business Operations: Make your business more sustainable by attending these 4 video webinar presentations on Energy Efficiency, Green Transportation, Water Conservation and Waste Management. 
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Starts on July 27th
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Women As Game Changers Free Online Global Summit
featuring Nell Newman of Newman's Own Organics, Priscilla Woolworth, Natalie Isaacs of One Million Women, Kim Graham-Nye who was named one of Fortunes 10 Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneurs in 2011 and 25 more Powerful Woman Game Changers.

•Propel your big dream or passion into a prosperous, thriving project, business or organization that has a permanent, positive impact in your world.

•Tap into the collective power of women to create a vibrant network and support system to realize your Big Vision. 

•Learn proven, game-changing strategies and solutions that you can infuse into your vision or work immediately.

•Overcome the challenges you may be feel right now through the brilliant sharing of wisdom and works from women who have gone beyond their own limitations and changed the world dramatically.

•Get so inspired that you are unstoppable!