2015/2016 National Education Webinar

2015/2106 National Education Webinar Series U.S Green Chamber of Commerce has launched our 2015 National Business Sustainability Webinar Series. We have selected top sustainability professionals in America to be part of the program. The 2015/2016 National Sustainability Webinar Series is a high level program. It will be led by experts and will focus on different […]

Fifteen Simple and Affordable Ideas For Greening Your Small Business in 2015

At a time when consumers are looking for companies that support green and sustainable business practices the team from the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce put our heads together and came up with a list of 15 simple and affordable ideas for greening your business in 2015. Get ready to renew your business and make […]

Be the Agent of Change for Your Green Business

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Companies that have strong lobbying practices also have strong influence and power. By Ashley Siana Disclaimer: Always check with an attorney about the rules, regulations and laws governing lobbying. In a world that faces ever-increasing political changes concerning the environment, market and society, it is fundamental for a green business to be aware of these […]

U.S. Green Chamber Announces its First Chapter!

Chris Castro

 The Florida Chapter, U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) was formally established this last week in the city of Orlando. It is the very first Chapter of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce. “This organization is just the first of many chapters to be established within the United States” says Michelle Thatcher, CEO of USGCC, […]

The future of commercial buildings – see-through, solar-powered windows


by Debra Atlas The growth of solar is exploding. As the technology continues to improve, the focus for commercial buildings is solar, but with a twist. Not all commercial buildings can handle large solar arrays on their One of the leading contenders in the U.S. is New Energy Technologies, a building integrator photovoltaic (BIPV) developer […]