Welcome Brittany, to the USGCC Missouri Chapter!

Welcome Brittany, to the USGCC Missouri Chapter!

Brittany Angle has joined the Columbia, Missouri Chapter of the US Green Chamber as a Board Member. She is the laboratory director at Columbia-based Tensive Controls, a biotech startup working to perfect a treatment for cachexia, the wasting condition often seen in cancer patients.  At Tensive, Brittany is also investigating potential drugs to fight harmful microbes and bacteria.

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Well acquainted with the effects of toxic and harmful substances on the human body, Brittany completed a graduate degree in endocrinology at the University of Missouri laboratory of Fred Vom Saal. Vom Saal is internationally known for educating the public about the dangers of bisphenol A, commonly found in plastic bags, styrofoam, and other food containers.   Brittany’s work encouraged other interests, including organic food production, rural recycling availability, off-grid energy production, and how food allergies and celiac disease are on the rise.  She sees the promise of entrepreneurship to improve life and living conditions in all corners of the globe.

“Brittany has spent much of her career in a startup environment, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her join our startup, the first Midwestern Chapter of the growing Green Chamber movement,” said Columbia Chapter communications and IT coordinator Michael Martin. “She is dynamic in the extreme — outgoing, personable, a wonderful networker who can make a conference room full of strangers seem like a living room filled with friends.”

In her “spare time”, Brittany enjoys knitting, crocheting, sewing, Cardinal baseball, and developing recipes for her children, who have celiac disease and food allergies. Connect with her on LinkedIn (Brittany Angle), Facebook (Brittany Angle), and Twitter (@brittanyangle).

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