U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce Respects All





It takes only 5 seconds to help create a society of mutual respect. 

Today is the United Nations’ Human Rights Day- join us and may others by signing the pledge and using the “We Respect All” icon.

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and each member of our team have signed the “We Respect All” pledge… and we are now displaying the icon on our website and signature lines of our emails. Please visit to join the Respect All solution and share with all.  We are trying to get 200,000 pledgers by December 15th. This solution is entirely free – but it’s so incredibly valuable and important to all.

Sign the pledge

storefrontLiving harmoniously with mutual respect, is good for all people, good for business, good for the economy, good for students and critical for the future.

So, imagine seeing a sticker that says ‘We respect all’ right beside an illuminated ‘open’ sign at businesses or seeing the ‘We respect all’ icon on websites and packaging — allowing us (aka consumers) to instantly identify and choose like-minded businesses, brands, schools, universities and civil organizations to support and give marketshare to.  That’s what is all about – creating a visual identifer to see and experience harmony and respect on the Main Street of society.








Why is this so important? Because society is made up of people who are ALL different.  We all look different, have different heritages, different abilities, different likes and dislikes, different  beliefs and opinions, and different ways of life.   And yes, we even vote differently.

But what we also know, is that the vast majority of people want to live harmoniously and peacefully.

Sign the pledge





A simplestudent and effective, society-wide anti-bulling solution

Imagine students seeing the “We Respect All’ icon and being taught about this at school … and imagine them also seeing the same icon displayed at the mall, theater, at their parents’ workplace, at their favorite stores and restaurants, and at their place of worship. This is what is all about … a unified and society-wide movement to help convey how important mutual respect is ‘everywhere’ for ‘everyone’.





Embed the ‘We Respect All’ icon in your website, email signature line, and on your social media sites.
Print the ‘We Respect All’ on your menus, on your product packaging, on your Corporate Social Responsibility reports, and on your newsletters.


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