The U.S Green Chamber National Webinar Series Continues


Michael Volpatt pic“Storytelling for Green Businesses” is the latest webinar in the U.S Green Chamber’s National Webinar Series.  Michael Volpatt, strategize, develop and execute a flawless PR campaign. He covered subjects such as competitive differentiation, messaging, media outreach, and proactive storytelling!partner with Larkin/Volpatt communications informed green business executives how to better

Founded in 2003, Larkin/Volpatt communications is an integrated marketing communications and public relations firm that focuses on helping innovators, startup technology companies and seasoned entrepreneurs define their message and tell their story to key media targets and customers. Over the years they have worked with hundreds of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Michael, who has 12 years of agency and client experience,  played a crucial role in the development of consumer and business-to-business brand and marketing strategies for clients including Microsoft, Oddcast, Adaptec, Nortel Networks, Apple Computer, Fertile Hope, Conversagent, Arkadium, Bob Evans Farms and many others.

Michael is an expert at marketing and PR implementation. His work has helped companies and non-profit organizations frame their competition, better understand the markets they operate in and develop key messaging platforms that serve to differentiate and resonate with their target audiences. Michael states that “if you don’t get what other people are doing in your market place, you cant speak to the competition, [and] you cant tell people why you are different…”. Moderator Jim Bunch is a huge fan of PR implementation and believes businesses should “learn it, get it done and use it as an effective tool…”.

Click on the picture above to see his amazing and informative talk.

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