U.S. Green Chamber Member Spotlight: Great Ecology

Great Ecology, Inc. is dedicated to the sustainable preservation and restoration of the environment.

“Since 2001, Great Ecology has established itself as one of the most innovative environmental consulting firms in the country,” said Andrea Towns, a member of Great Ecology’s marketing team. “We are partnered with hundreds of diverse clients to add ecological, cultural, and economic value to developed, degraded, and underutilized sites.”

Rather than destroying or covering up degraded landscapes, Great Ecology’s goal, Towns said, is to make each a self-sustaining habitat. “These self-sustaining ecosystems are the epitome of sustainability,” she added.

Great Ecology combines the knowledge of both scientists and designers to create solutions for their clients. Their services include habitat restoration, global information systems (GIS) mapping, biological assessment, ecological planning and natural resource damage (NRD) assessment.

“In the future, we would like to see more collaboration with and inspiration from nature in the fields of design, architecture, landscaping, engineering, real estate development, industrial chemicals, and oil,” said Towns. “There is no reason why a manufacturing plant has to be a polluting eyesore rather than an integrated, functioning part of the landscape.

For more information, please visit  Great Ecology has offices located in New York, New York, San Diego, California, Stamford, Connecticut and Sedona, Arizona.

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