Missouri Chapter: Columbia Green Chamber goes Statewide

The Columbia Chapter, US Green Chamber of Commerce is now the Missouri Chapter, U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce.

This expansion of the chapter to the entire state promises to broaden the organization’s reach, while bringing exciting new business opportunities, idea leaders, conferences, events, and other outreach programs to Columbia.

“After months of strategy and planning, it is exciting to see the Missouri Chapter, along with several other statewide Chapters, growing quickly,” says U.S Green Chamber CEO Michelle Thatcher. “They provide a platform for like-minded business leaders to come together and create a powerful network and educational resource for the business community.”

Future plans for “branches” based in individual towns and cities are currently under discussion.

The sustainable business sector is at different levels of development across Missouri, with some communities focused on agriculture, others on renewables and others focused on non-profit outreach. A major U.S Green Chamber goal is to broaden communication among members and potential members.

“Being part of this organization is a wonderful opportunity to help others develop more sustainable practices, whether personal or business,” says Brittany Angle, a Missouri Chapter Board Member and Columbia resident.  “Now that we’ve adopted this new structure, we’ll be able to assist other communities and extend our educational outreach.   We’ll also be better positioned to represent Columbia area businesses in the sustainability sector, and those thinking about adopting sustainable practices.”

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