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Irblich Schools is a proud member of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC). This allergen-friendly, eco-friendly, unpluggedWe Are Open For Business pre-school focuses on learning through a natural approach.

One of the first truly Holistic Preschool’s located in Central Florida, the school’s mission is to support families with a holistic education in a healthy setting through: a plant-strong diet, integrating of the arts, cultural and environmental awareness,  and character and personal development while respecting all forms of life.

A big part of Irblich schools mission, just like USGCC, is to educate on ways to be conscious of the planet that we all share. There are many practices the school implements to help accomplish this goal. This school has put several upgrades into the facility, as well as implementing daily practices for the health of the people and the planet.  For example, Irblich schools have bio-based floor tiles, secured with a bio-based adhesive, and rubber baseboards. They use zero-VOC paint and LED lighting throughout the entire school. Their commercial dishwasher, refrigerator and computer have a high EnergyStar Rating, the leftover food is composted, paper is re-purposed as much as possible before recycling, and they collect a variety of trash to send off to TerraCycle™ for credits, in addition to many other eco-friendly practices.

EcoBatt installation, made from sandIrblich Schools includes their enrolled families in their green initiatives. They request that the parents participate in sustainability practices, as well as the students to help use less and waste less.

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