Florida Businesses and Government Taking the Lead on Recycling with Recycle Across America!



St. Johns County, Florida is joining the nationwide standardized label movement called Recycle Across America! The goal is simple: to standardize the labels, color, and height of public trash and recycling bins across the country.

Billy Zeits of the St. Johns County Park and Recreation Department stated that “the intent is to make it simple. So, no matter where you go, you know where the recycling goes and where the trash goes”. The labels were installed on the beach during spring break in St. Johns County, Florida, replacing older recycling bins that often had trash mixed in with recyclables.

Recycle Across America says that companies are reporting a 50%-100% increase in recycling due to the standardized labeling. Recycling not only saves the environment, but also saves tax payers money. Major businesses across the nation are jumping on board the standardized label movement; examples of major businesses that have joined so far include Bank of America, Walt Disney, and Whole Foods.


For more information about Recycle Across America and how to join the movement, click here.


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