Experts in Spray Technology Also Excel in Sustainability


Experts in Spray Technology Also Excel in Sustainability

San Diego, CA- February 23, 2016- Spraying Systems Co. becomes the first spray technology organization to join U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) as a leader in sustainable business practspray_techices. As the global leader in design and manufacture of precision spray nozzles, Spraying Systems Co. also internally implements a Sustainable Management System.

“Technology is at the forefront of building a sustainable economy, and we are honored to have Spraying Systems Co. join our team of global business leaders,” said Michelle Thatcher, CEO of USGCC. “The lack of water resources have already impacted businesses throughout the United States, so finding solutions will be imperative”.

Spraying Systems strives with its comprehensive line of nozzles and turnkey systems to help businesses improve quality, improve worker safety and reduce the environmental impact of spraying operations.

“Not only are we implementing sustainable business practices in our own facilities worldwide, we’re also in a unique position to make a significant contribution with regard to sustainable business practices because of the breadth of the industries we support and our global presence”, says Bill Kohley, Executive Vice President of the company.  “Our spray equipment enables manufacturers, processors and farmers around the world to operate more efficiently and with less impact on our environment.  Virtually every product we sell can have a positive impact on our customer’s sustainability efforts.”

Examples of how the Spraying Systems’ products help customers reduce environmental impact include systems that reduce the consumption of water and chemicals in cleaning operations, spray equipment that limits air2f0e48e pollution in processing plants and spray nozzles that eliminate the need for compressed air, thereby reducing energy consumption.  The company also offers free on-site “Spray Audits” to help customers understand – and develop strategies to minimize – their water, chemical and compressed air consumption.

For more information on Spraying Systems’ green efforts, see their sustainability page and their white paper on water and chemical savings.

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