Easy Recycled Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just one week away! Here are some fast, easy, and green last minute costumes that you can make with recycled products and things you already have around your house.

Superhero: Make a superhero cape out of an old T-Shirt






Portrait: Wear a large empty frame around your neck and paint your face to be a ‘masterpiece,’ or just go as a self portrait!






“Cereal Killer”: Recycle empty cereal boxes to be a “Cereal Killer”





Rosie the Riveter: Put on a red bandana and a blue long sleeved shirt for an easy Rosie the Riveter costume





Brawny Man: Although U.S. Green Chamber recommends reusable towels as a greener alternative to paper ones, put on a flannel and a pair of jeans and you’re the Brawny Man!






Space traveller: Use old soda bottles or cereal boxes to make a jetpack





Turtle: Recycle old cardboard to make an easy turtle shell






Have a fun Halloween and remember to donate your old costumes to thrift stores or swap them with friends!

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