Ygrene PACE Program

PACE “Property Assessed Clean Energy” programs allow property owners within participating communities to finance the installation of energy improvements on commercial properties and pay the amount back as a line item on their property tax bill. CaliforniaFIRST is offered by the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (California Communities), a joint powers authority sponsored by the California League of Cities and the California Association of Counties. Program operation is supported by Renewable Funding and the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets.

The City of San Diego Natural Resources & Culture Committee has recently been asked by Mayor Sanders’ Office to authorize the City joining in the California FIRST PACE program. Currently, no funding is available for this program, however, it is listed on the Natural Resources and Culture Committee (NR&C) agenda.

Ygrene Energy Fund, a leading provider of energy retrofit programs for local governments, will be encouraging NR&C to direct staff to seriously consider Clean Energy San Diego by Ygrene as a program option. Ygrene proposes a successful program model that is based on the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program, the most successful PACE program in existence. This program has the potential to transform San Diego, not just into a more sustainable city, but economically, creating thousands of more jobs and pumping over two-billion dollars into the economy.

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce has given it’s support to Clean Energy San Diego by Ygrene as an option for a fully-funded PACE program. We believe that this program is the key to a more successful San Diego.

For more information about Ygrene Energy Fund and California FIRST PACE Programs, please follow the links below.

Ygrene Energy Fund

California FIRST

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