Protecting Your Employees from Toxic Chemicals

What are you doing to protect your employees from Chemicals?  In a recent U.S Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) webinar,  Larry Smith, of Go Green Electrolyzer, shares how companies can completely revolutionize how they clean and sanitize.

Jim Bunch, chairman of the USGCC board stated that “This technology is so simple yet so profound, that any business can do it and succeed”.

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Larry states that “the cost of toxic chemicals to people and the environment is substantial,  and [electrolyzed water] is the game changer as far as sustainability.”  He strongly believes that sustainability is about the triple bottom line – profit, people and our planet.

Larry is the president of Go Green Electrolyzer, which is a management and consulting firm. He has been a consultant to the electrolyzed water industry for 11 years, working to reduce the use of toxic chemicals to protect the health of our environment, families and workers.

He experienced firsthand the power of chemical companies when the startup he was working for was bought by a giant chemical company and promptly shut down. Since then, Smith has networked extensively within the electrolyzed water industry, both nationally and internationally; has presented numerous webinars on the benefits of electrolyzed water; and most recently was a keynote speaker at the Global Food Expo in Orlando.

Mr. Smith’s previous experience includes running food distribution companies, retail store operations and Mergers & Acquisitions. Larry and Joan his wife presently live in Florida after having spent most of their life in the Boston area.

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