2011 Eco-Maverick Honorees Announced


Celebrity co-founder Adrian Grenier and founder Peter Glatzer will be honored for their innovative approach to raising awareness about the environment at the 5th Annual Opportunity Green Business Conference in Los Angeles this November.

The Eco-Maverick award is given each year to a prominent celebrity for using their influence and exposure to promote sustainability issues and social responsibility in business development.  The pair has successfully launched SHFT, a multi-media platform whose mission is “to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.”

With the combined influence and expertise the duo has in pop-culture and video production SHFT is certain to successfully “shift” consumers’ attitudes about the environment; spending money on sustainable products and services is quickly gaining popularity and attracting a lot of media attention. After all, green IS the new black.

SHFT declares that “sustainability should be folded into the fabric of our lives, a part of our consciousness that touches everything we do.  It should be reflected in our culture, our art, our music and design, and nudge us further in the sustainable direction in which we’re inevitably headed.”

Film producer Peter Glazier and Entourage star Adrian Grenier will be honored at the 2011 Opportunity Green Business Conference in Los Angeles.  The conference is a two day event, November 10th & 11th, at Los Angeles Center Studios. To see other event details and to register yourself or your business, check out: Green Business Conference 2011.

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