The USGCC develops and advocates policies on behalf of our members and stakeholders, and to make a positive difference for our members, our communities, and our country with respect to environmental, social and financial sustainability.

Advocacy is one of the most important intangible services the Chamber offers its members.

The USGCC, as the collective voice of green thinking businesses nationwide, formulates comprehensive policy positions with the aim of creating a better regulatory environment for business to invest in sustainability measures, create new jobs and develop more efficient operating practices.

The USGCC focuses on issues such as investment in the green economy, skills and productivity measures, government de-regulation through the cutting of bureaucratic red and ‘green’ tape,  and the underlying barriers to attracting capital, to name a few.

To put it simply, it’s about saving time, money and the environment while unlocking the doors to investment and growth.

The USGCC prides itself on being the green movement’s ‘go-to’ group for best business practice’s, providing a balanced and honest account of upcoming legislation, and advocating for positive change at every opportunity.


The USGCC has taken positions on several issues including California Proposition 23 (supporting market based GHG emission rights, among other things), single use plastic bag legislation, a balanced approach to highway mass transportation initiatives in Southern California and appearing before several local legislative and other government bodies.


The USGCC is pursuing an education and advocacy agenda that involves monitoring and, where appropriate, influencing federal, state, and local laws and budget allocations. The USGCC  legislative monitoring, committees position papers, and participating networks and coalitions.

The USGCC also educates its members about key policy issues through programs that may include webinars, trade fairs, publications, group presentations, and other online avenues.


Complimentary to the already extensive list of benefits members currently receive with a USGCC membership – businesses and individuals have the opportunity to tap into our vast array of policy experts, lawyers, bloggers and strategic partners to have access to the following;

A national voice which advocates on behalf of members to protect and promote their economic interests

Advice on grants, loans and venture capital opportunities

Invitations and member discounts to USGCC Advocacy events, workshops & webinars

Policy briefing notes and research to help members stay up to date on current issues and trends within the sector

Media monitoring on sustainability issues relating to business