Advisory Board

Ralph Avallone (1) HeadshotRalph Avallone

Founder and Secretary General of the International Green Energy Council

Mr. Avallone is the founder and Secretary General of the International Green Energy Council, an advocacy organization that is based in Washington DC. Mr. Avallone travels the world promoting the International Green Energy Councils Initiatives. The IGEC has chartered chapters in 111 Countries, projects going on in 30 nations and they are currently consultants to several international governments on energy and resiliency policy.

Mr. Avallone also travels worldwide discussing climate change, environmental stewardship and the creation of Green Economies through the integration of renewable energy projects, sustainable development and advanced green technology applications. As the leader of the International Green Energy Council he has traveled to numerous countries and 48 states educating International leaders, US Congressional leaders to students across the World.

He was awarded the 2004 American Patriots Gold Medal from the president of the United States. In 2004 he was also appointed to the Presidential Business Commission by the President George W. Bush. That same year he was awarded the Senatorial Medal of Freedom. An honor bestowed upon only 225 recipients in American history. He has numerous accommodations from local, state, national and international governments and agencies.


Jonathon Budd HeadshotJonathon Budd

Jonathan Budd is committed to “creating a world that works for all life” and to leaving “a better world than we found” for future generations. He fulfills this mission in his daily life and through leadership of several game-changing organizations.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology, Jonathan turned to the home-based business industry. By age 26, he was one of the fastest and youngest success stories in the history of direct sales, earning his first $10,000,000 by that time. He founded Empowered Entrepreneurs to teach others the principles of entrepreneurship and modern day marketing that fueled his success and has served nearly 100,000 customers since then.

Jonathan’s drive is about more than financial success. It is about using that success to fulfill a deeper calling to give back to humanity. He founded The Global Transformation Council to support non-profit organizations that are making great transformational impact through innovative solutions to many of our world’s most challenging problems. Jonathan has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support organizations such as The Pachamama Alliance, Freedom from Hunger, charity: water, among others.

A consummate innovator, Jonathan is also Founder and CEO of MyStand, a California Benefit Company that is developing the world’s first full-purpose transformational gaming platform to shift the direction of humanity to be environmentally sustainable, socially just, & personally fulfilling.

Jonathan is also co-founder of Rippln, the first- ever incentivized sharing technology platform with the ability to track an individual’s social influence and reward that user for the value he or she creates in the marketplace. Since its launch in April, 2013, nearly 1.3 million people have joined Rippln, a growth rate similar to some of the world’s largest technology sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when they opened to the world.


Scott deMoulin headshot

Scott deMoulin

Founder and CEO of Destiny Training Systems

Scott deMoulin is the Founder and CEO of Destiny Training Systems, a conscious business growth consulting and training company.

Scott has facilitated training for thousands of Entrepreneurs and small business owners and has consulted for over 480 large companies over the past 30+ years.

With a focus on developing the Human Capital within businesses combined with following a strategic, conscious, and sustainable business model, Scott, and his company, has helped his clients to achieve significant, measurable and lasting growth results. He is a member of the Global Stewardship Council for the Pachamama Alliance and has ventured deep into the Amazon Rain Forest in Ecuador to gain a better understanding of the importance and value that this part of the world plays in our entire planets future. Scott is a committed steward for creating more awareness and understanding of how we can make more conscious decisions and take more sustainable actions in responsibly growing our people, planet and profits. For more information go to


Carolyn Johnson


A former diplomat and international political risk consultant, Carolyn Johnson has been providing strategic communications and organizational development expertise to entities in the renewable energy field for the past four years.  During her 20+ year diplomatic career (which included assignments in Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Romania, Belgium and Germany), she also served as senior advisor for the reorganization of the US Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest, Romania.

Founder of The InfraBank Project, her previous engagements include The Coalition for Green Capital and the Secure Sustainability Institute.  She is currently working on a Hydrogen transportation project for light duty vehicles.  Carolyn speaks German, French, Romanian, Thai and Japanese. She lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Beverly Rider

Beverly Rider photo

Beverly Rider is a rare blend of Fortune 50 executive, entrepreneur and attorney, who has been able to utilize these varied experiences to increase awareness in the field of sustainability. She is an experienced leader with a focus on the national distribution of cost effective sustainable technologies and non-profit programs.

Among her previous positions, Beverly served as National Director at Qwest, a Denver-based NYSE and Fortune 50 company; Director of Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization, and Associate at two law firms. Currently, Beverly is CEO at C-Level Consulting with offices in Florida, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, California, Nevada, Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii.

Beverly is a strong advocate for education, community involvement and grass root initiatives. She currently sits on the Board of IDEAs for Us and the Advisory Boards for Keiser University.  She attended the University of Washington, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Marketing from Western Washington University, and a Juris Doctor (JD) cum laude from Seattle University.


BillWeinaug_headshotWilliam C. Weinaug

EXP – Vice President
Wekiva Island – President

Bill has spent more than 25 years ensuring great client (and guest) experiences through his efforts in providing mechanical and sustainable designs on entertainment and hospitality facilities. Today, he is EXP’s Hospitality business manager. He manages the “front-end loading” process for the firm’s large hospitality projects, including projects for Hilton, Viceroy, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Ritz, Starwood, and Waldorf.

As EXP does, Bill embraces green building practices. His passion to lead an earth-friendly lifestyle has led him to utilize many cutting edge sustainable concepts in his personal life. Many of these same strategies are also implemented in X-nth’s “Green” projects.

For the past six years, Bill has been an AIA Continuing Education provider by presenting “Sustainable Design” to dozens architectural firms in the United States. Bill has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences which includes: keynote speaker at the USGBC Caribbean Chapter 1st Symposium of Sustainable Design, The Lodging Conference, The Global Gaming Expo, Casino Design Conference, and The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. In addition to his speaking engagements, Bill has authored multiple articles for industry publications including, his most recent, “Energy Efficient Concepts Categorized by Priority” published in Oct 2007 Hospitality Construction Magazine.

His presentation today will focus on the work Bill has done at his home and how it ultimately led him to purchase the Wekiva Marina which he now calls the Wekiva Island ( Bill explains, “The Island will be a place guest will run into sustainability around every corner.” Bill and his wife, Mary, are turning the property into something the community will be proud of., a place one will be able to come and learn about how they can easily incorporate sustainability into their everyday life.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.