The Daily Transcript

Green Chamber of Commerce looks to expand By JAMES PALEN, The Daily Transcript Thursday, April 26, 2012 Just more than a year ago, the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce was born when its predecessor, the Green Chamber of San Diego County, announced plans to expand nationwide. The move was a push to extend the company […]

Del Mar Times

Solana Beach council votes to ban plastic bags BY JOE TASH Thurs. April 26, 2012 Following the lead of local governments in other parts of California, Solana Beach has become the first city in San Diego County to introduce an ordinance prohibiting stores and restaurants from providing plastic shopping bags to their customers at the […]

New Direction for Wildlife Campaigns? Love For The New Cinderella Species


It is hard enough to raise funds to save a lion, it’s even harder to gather up support for a fly.  So, it comes to no surprise that many non-governmental wildlife organizations gear their save-a-species campaigns toward animals that are categorized by conservationists as flagship species. For clarification purposes, flagship species are animals that are […]

Sustainable LED Technology Outshines Incandescent Bulbs

Let your light so shine. LED brilliance will outlive your electronics and home appliances.

What’s practical, runs on electricity, and lasts 20 years? The answer is “almost nothing.” In 20 years our current cell phones, iPads, GPS locators,  routers, computers, laptops, stereo receivers, and their cordless  cousins will all have given up the digital ghost just a few years hence. The lucky ones will live again, reincarnated by emerging […]

USGCC April 25th Newsletter

100 Cities for Change logo - US Green Chamber of Commerce

  In this Issue: 100 Cities for Change Update: Social Media Blasts Earthfair2012 Thank Yous SDG&E 7th Annual Energy Showcase Sustainable Brands 2012 Sustainable LED Technology Upcoming Events: May 11th- SDG&E Showcase June 4-7- Sustainable Brands 2012 More Quick Links Join Now More About Us Business Directory The Official Technology Platform of the U.S. Green […]