LA Bans Plastic Bags

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a measure to ban plastic bags at grocery stores and other shops in unincorporated Los Angeles County areas. The goal of the ordinance is to get people to use their reusable bags. It applies to grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores and convenience stores. Customers would no […]

11/15/2010 – Saving the Environment Is Big Part of These Business Plans

Local business owners described the greening of their own operations — and how other companies can follow suit — at the recent Bright Green Future Conference, which was held at University of San Diego. Of the 50 speakers and panelists at the Nov. 5- 6 program sponsored by San Diego EarthWorks, about a half dozen […]

Greener Dawn Snags Clients for Companies

A Solana Beach company says business is booming in connecting people with solar installers, energy auditors and green contractors. Greener Dawn operates hundreds of websites that give people information on solar installations and energy savings, collects their information, and then sells it to contractors and installers as sales leads. “We’re a technology company that does […]

Just Color San Diego Algae Green in Research

If you’re thinking about going solar, well, in a way, you already have. Most of the energy we use on Earth was created by the sun. Oil, coal, natural gas, wind, hydropower, even the heat from a wood-burning stove. (Big exceptions are nuclear and geothermal power.) By relying on fossil fuels, we’ve built a civilization […]

Global Warming Clues from Melting Glaciers

TASIILAQ, Greenland — With a tense pilot gripping the stick, the helicopter hovered above the water, a red speck of machinery lost in a wilderness of rock and ice. To the right, a great fjord stretched toward the sea, choked with icebergs. To the left loomed one of the immense glaciers that bring ice from […]